Wish List

The BRHS uses many items on a daily basis to assure the animals get the care they need while waiting for their forever home.  We welcome donations of towels, rags and bedding (no oil rags, please), small animal cages, crates and carriers, small animal food, canned pet food, unused animal medications supplies for animals, cleaning supplies (non-carpet), dog/cat shampoo, etc.  Our most heavily used items are:

  • Paper Towels
  • Liquid Bleach
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Glass Cleaner (we accept refills)
  • Antibacterial Dish Soap (we accept refills)
  • Hand Sanitizer (we accept refills)
  • Dust-Free Clay Kitty Litter
  • White Printer Paper

  • First-Class and Postcard Postage
  • Small Animal Food/Treats
  • Canned Animal Food (any brand)
  • Pet Food*
  • Heavy Duty Leashes
  • Collars (All Sizes)
  • KURANDA** Beds or PVC Beds
  • Gift Cards from HyVee, Walmart or Runnings

*It is healthier for our animals to stay on one consistent brand of food, but while our animals may only be able to use one brand, donations of other foods are welcome.  We appreciate every donation and we NEVER throw useable items away.  We work with other rescues in the state and region who need supplies like pet food and litter.  With your donations, we are also able to help animals in the area by donating pet food to the Brookings Food Pantry to help residents who may be struggling to find food for their pets.

**The BRHS promotes the use of KURANDA beds; they hold fewer germs and last longer than traditional beds and blankets.  If you are able to help us by donating a PVC bed that you no longer need, or are able to help set up a KURANDA Bed donation drive, please contact us.  You can also donate one by clicking on the image below:

Kuranda bed