Foster a PetDog with homeless sign border

Our fostering needs have changed a bit since we were a completely foster based rescue. Most of our “adoptable animals” do well in our shelter environment so we no longer send them to foster homes. It’s much easier to facilitate adoptions when they stay in shelter. Our foster program has shifted to care for animals that need a bit more round the clock care than can be provided during staffed hours at the shelter. These animals include:bottle/slurry/gruel aged kittens and puppies, special medical needs animals, Senior animals that need a little more TLC, special behavioral needs animals that are not thriving in shelter.

“Goodbye” is the goal! Our fostering program’s main purpose is to get animals medically and behaviorally ready to reach that goal and find their forever homes!

If you’d like to learn more about fostering, check this out!  Foster Info Trifold

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